ROVICORE™ PLY is a combination of ROVICORE™ and a multiaxial structure. It is assembled in a single step with a single stitch.

ROVICORE™ PLY is designed for the production of composite parts that require a structural element, while at the same time optimizing resin flow.

FX, adhesive solutions developped by Chomarat, is available on ROVICORE™ PLY range. For more details please contact us.


  • All the recognized advantages of the ROVICORE™ line: conformability, compressibility, resilience, ease of impregnation.
  • Allows for reduced lay-up time and increased productivity by integrating the flow medium and the multiaxial in a single layer.
  • Improves the mechanical properties of composite parts with the addition of a multiaxial.
  • Veil addition enables improvement of the surface aspect and chemical resistance.
  • Fabric thickness may vary 2-8 mm depending on the choice of construction and is adaptable to most uses.