The automotive industry must innovate and take a significant strategic turn, driven by ever more ambitious goals of regulatory CO2 reduction. By allowing lighter-weight structures, glass and carbon continuous fiber composites are an important part of this transformation.

Reinforcements adapted to structural and appearance requirements

These composite solutions must demonstrate their economic relevance in the face of strong competition from other processes and materials.

Chomarat has been meeting this challenge by offering function-specific structural reinforcements, optimized in weight and orientation, and appearance solutions for the most demanding applications.

With over 50 years of experience in the composite market, the company puts its textile know-how at the service of its customers through high-performance solutions, specifically suited to the requirements of their manufacturing processes:

  • Reinforcements for direct processes in closed molds such as RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding), to meet environmental standards and improve working conditions (by reducing volatile organic compounds, VOCs).
  • C-WEAVE™ range of optimized woven carbon reinforcements, and C-PLY™ range of NCF multiaxial carbon reinforcements, implementing advanced, high productivity technologies.
  • Solutions for high-speed processes, with the G-WEAVE™ range of fabrics and G-PLY™ range of NCF products, dedicated to thermoplastic processes such as organo-sheets or RTM caprolactam.
  • Function-specific reinforcements based on preforming solutions (powder, fabric, or coated yarn) in order to facilitate their implementation.
  • Laboratory tools, which allow testing of the behavior of reinforcements in real-life conditions in the RTM, RTM-L and Infusion processes, and to evaluate critical product and process performance such as permeability or deformability.

Chomarat, an organization dedicated to the requirements of automobile manufacturers

Chomarat composite manufacturing sites in Europe are certified to IATF 16949.

Our ability to adapt and develop technologies, and our long-term strategic vision upheld by strong partnerships, have enabled us to become a major player in composites for the automotive industry.