Composite materials provide lighter structures, mechanical strength and rigidity to the nautical world.

Chomarat, leader in the marine industry

Chomarat develops glass, carbon and aramid-based reinforcements, using various conversion processes (weaving, multiaxial,combining, etc.), in order to meet the expectations and requirements of the recreational, racing, fishing and military boat markets: weight reduction, better surface appearance and stronger structures.

The company also assists its customers in improving their own production processes (i.e., transition from open-mold processes to closed mold processes), thanks to its reinforcements which can help resin flow or combine vacuum-draw and structural functions:

  • Glass (G-PLY™) and carbon (C-PLY™) multiaxial reinforcements for better rigidity and lower weight of parts.
  • Reinforcements for infusion process: G-FLOW™, a 100% glass structural and vacuum-draw system, ROVIFLOW™, a laminate combining a reinforcement and a glass or polyester vacuum-draw system.
  • The ROVICORE™ range, intended for the RTM Light process.
  • Glass and carbon UD composites.
  • Fabrics.
  • Reinforcements based on Kevlar® fibers[1] for shock resistance, suitable for high speed military vessels (fast patrol boats).

Expertise and tools serving the shipbuilding industry

The company assists its customers in the design of reinforcements and selection of materials, supported by an in-house composites laboratory. Equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, it allows us to measure and simulate the permeability of reinforcements and structures, as well as the mechanical properties and surface appearance quality of the finished parts.

DNV GL-certified range

Chomarat is certified DNV GL for its ranges of glass and carbon multiaxial and tapes products, marketed under the G-PLY™ , C-PLY™, C-TAPE™ and G-TAPE™ brands. These certifications are a token of craftsmanship and quality.

[1] Kevlar® is a trademark of the DuPont™ company