Composites in industrial vehicles (buses, trucks, farm equipment)

Just like light vehicles, industrial vehicles must meet CO2 emissions regulations. Given this new legislation, combined with a desire to lower energy costs, weight reduction has become a major axis of development for manufacturers.

In this context, composites offer new alternatives to metals, by providing strength and lightweight properties.

Chomarat has been serving the bus and truck market for several years. It has developed a range of woven fabrics, G-WEAVE, and laminates that meet manufacturers’ requirements for structural parts and refrigerated truck panels.

With its Rovicore™ range, intended for closed-mold processes (RTM, RTM Light, etc.), Chomarat is able to comply with changing environmental standards (reduction of VOCs) and with the quality, consistency and productivity requirements of its customers. Rovicore™ is specifically used for manufacturing hoods, roof risers, spoilers, etc.

Composites in the railway industry

Thanks to their useful properties, composite materials have become indispensable in the railway construction market. They provide weight reduction (which reduces track wear and increases transport capacity), corrosion resistance (which lowers maintenance requirements), and functional integration.

Railway parts must also meet European standards for fire/smoke resistance (EN 45545). In this context, Chomarat has developed ROVICORE™ FR (Fire Resistant), a sandwich reinforcement based on glass fibers. Used in closed-mold processes and combined with suitable resins and gelcoats, ROVICORE™ FR is the proven solution for manufacturing composite parts that comply with fire and smoke standards.