C-PLY™ SP BX150 X1 12K HS


C-PLY™ SP BX150 X1 12K HS is a 150 gsm biaxial spread-tow carbon NCF, +45°/-45°, 75 gsm/ply.

It is made using 12K HS carbon fiber.

C-PLY™ SP is manufactured using a process to deposit and spread the carbon fibers, and assembled using an hexagonal stitch. The unique stitching yarn is designed to remain visible after resin impregnation to capture resin color pigment and contribute to additionnal reinforcement in the Z axis.

Other weight and stitching pattern are available upon request.


Material(s): Carbon

Fibre(s): T700SC

Number of filaments: 12K


Total weight: 158 gsm

Fibres orientation: +45°/-45° (BX)

+45° : 75 gsm

-45° : 75 gsm


Assembly: Stitching Double Mix Polyester


Width(s): 127 cm

Roll Length: 200 ml


  • Online slitting capabilities as narrow as 14 cm (5.5’’).

  • Powdering an epoxy binder will enhance products stability during cutting and preforming operations. The choice of a binder depends on the matrix compatibility and process conditions. Powdering weight ranges from 5 to 30 g/m² and can be adapted to customer requirements (single side, double side) and product constructions.

  • Various Veil (PES, Glass,…) or thin Web (CoPa,…) can be heat set or stitched for Stability, Aspect or Preforming purposes.


  • Gap free technology, no resin rich areas.
  • Non Crimp Fabric, better mechanical properties.
  • Optimization of layer construction, cost savings.