C-WEAVE™ 200T M46JB 6K


C-WEAVE™ 200T M46JB 6K is a 200 gsm carbon fabric. It has 4.4 warp threads/cm and 4.4 weft threads/cm. It is made using a 2/2 twill weave.
The thread is a 6K high modulus carbon thread. This reinforcement is used in the aerospace, Formula 1 motorsport, sport and leisure sectors.

Product Line


Material(s): Carbon

Fibre(s): HM (High Modulus)

Number of filaments: 6K


Total weight: 200 gsm

Fibres orientation: 0°/90° (BT)

Warp : 4.4 ends/cm

Weft : 4.4 ends/cm

Pattern: Twill 2/2


Width(s): 125 cm

Roll Length: 100 ml


  • Powdering an epoxy binder will enhance products stability during cutting and preforming operations. The choice of a binder depends on the matrix compatibility and process conditions. Powdering weight ranges from 5 to 30 g/m² and can be adapted to customer requirements (single side, double side) and product constructions.

  • Various Veil (PES, Glass,…) or thin Web (CoPa,…) can be heat set or stitched for Stability, Aspect or Preforming purposes.

  • Online slitting capabilities as narrow as 14 cm (5.5’’).


  • Outstanding visual quality for cosmetic parts.
  • Excellent fiber alignment and flat weft yarn insertion.
  • Highly conformable Satin weaves available.
  • Ideal for prepreg and infusion processes.