G-FLOW™ 980L


G-FLOW™ 980L is a bidirectional (0°/90°) and balanced 980 gsm reinforcement made entirely from fiberglass. It offers both structural and flow media properties. Its innovative structure allows the infusion of resin without an additional internal or external flow medium.


Material(s): Glass


Total weight: 982 gsm

Fibres orientation: 0°/90° (BT)

Warp Glass : 4 ends/cm - 1200 tex

Weft Glass : 4 ends/cm - 1200 tex

Pattern: Leno

Transformation Process

  • Infusion


Width(s): 125 cm

Roll Length: 100 ml


  • Same mechanical performance as standard structure: G-FLOW™ replaces an external flow media and a structural reinforcement (0/90°).
  • G-FLOW™ allows faster infusion compared to external flow media.
  • G-FLOW™ is 100 times more permeable compared to NCF or Woven Roving reinforcements.
  • Cost saving: Reduced preparation time, less waste, less disposal costs.