G-PLY™ BT583/M450 T6


G-PLY™ BT583/M450 T6 is a biaxial 0°/90° glass NCF, stitched to a 450 gsm mat, resulting in a total weight of 1061 gsm. This multiaxial fabric is intended in particular for the Marine industry, primarily for infusion processes but also for HLU processes.


Material(s): Glass


Total weight: 1061 gsm

Fibres orientation: 0°/90° (BT)

0°: 318 gsm - 1200 tex

90°: 283 gsm - 600 tex

CSM1 Weight: 450 gsm


Assembly: Stitching Tricot Polyester 6mm

Gauge: 10

Transformation Process

  • Infusion
  • RTM
  • HLU


Width(s): 127 cm

Roll Length: 75 ml


Compared to a woven roving, the specific structure of G-PLY™ with its successive stacking of layers of yarn, without interlacing, provides:

  • Better mechanical properties.
  • Optimized resin flow during infusion.
  • Improved surface appearance: less resin rich areas.