VOLUMAT™ 320P/300 (4)


VOLUMAT™ 320P/300 (4) is a needle-punched multi-layer product comprising a 320 gsm fabric and a 300 gsm mat. VOLUMAT™ is used in pultrusion processes, most notably to manufacture large parts requiring mechanical properties.


Material(s): Glass


Total weight: 620 gsm

Fibres orientation: 0°/90° (BT)

Warp Glass : 156 gsm - 2.6 ends/cm - 600 tex

Weft Glass : 164 gsm - 2.7 ends/cm - 600 tex

Pattern: Plain

CSM1 Weight: 300 gsm


Assembly: Needling

Transformation Process

  • Pultrusion


Width(s): 125 cm - 120 cm cut edge

Roll Length: 100 ml


  • Adds volume to the reinforcement to obtain thicker parts.
  • Dedicated to parts with sharp angles, as high volume fibers of VOLUMAT™ allows optimum filling of critical areas.
  • Woven roving brings transverse mechanical strength to finished products.
  • Does not fray during processing which gives a better surface aspect than most of other reinforcements like CFM.

VOLUMAT™ Aspect specificity:

  • Improve the surface appearance of profiles,
  • Creates a barrier against UV or chemical attack,
  • Saves preparation time (fabric + veil in one step).