Core Materials

ROVICORE™ is our range of Core Materials. It is a reinforcement made with a synthetic non-woven core and chopped glass fibers mechanically stitched together. It can be used for all Closed Mold process needs.


  • Easy to form in angles and more complex shapes. Time and Labor savings.
  • Adaptable thickness.
  • Core resilience and compressibility. To adapt to the different thicknesses of parts.
  • Good surface aspect.
  • High permeability of the synthetic core.
  • Lack of chemical binder for a good impregnation of the reinforcement.

Because of its versatility, the ROVICORE™ line can be used to make a wide array of composite parts:

  • With sandwich areas: single side ROVICORE™.
  • When a good surface aspect is needed: ROVICORE™ Aspect.
  • When high mechanical perfomance is needed: ROVICORE™ PLY and COREGLASS™.


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