C-TAPE™ U600P 24K HS


C-TAPE™ U600P 24K HS* is a unidirectional carbon fiber tape with a continuous weft, with a total weight of 651 gsm. It is made using 24K HS carbon fiber; This carbon tape is used primarily for local reinforcement with epoxy resin.

*Disponible également en fibre FOE

Product Line


Material(s): Carbon - Glass

Fibre(s): HS (High Strength)

Number of filaments: 24K


Total weight: 651 gsm

Fibres orientation: UD

Warp Carbon : 3.7 ends/cm

Weft Glass : 2 ends/cm - 136 tex

Pattern: Plain

Additionnal Treatment Type: Non fixed

Transformation Process

  • Infusion
  • Prepreg
  • RTM


Width(s): 30 cm - 20 cm - 10 cm - 5 cm

Roll Length: 100 ml


  • Narrow tapes.
  • Excellent fiber alignment.
  • Good stability without frayed edges.
  • Less crimped with good mechanical properties at 0°.
  • Provides rigidity to parts.
  • Ideal for infusion processes and adaptations.