C-TAPE™ U88P/F is a unidirectional carbon fiber tape with a continuous weft, with a total weight of 91 gsm. It is a lightweight and open reinforcement. The binding provided by the weft, along with the addition of fine warp threads, ensures that the regularity of the product’s appearance for use in applications where this is an important factor. This carbon tape is used primarily for sports equipment.

Product Line


Material(s): Carbon - Glass

Fibre(s): HS (High Strength) - E

Number of filaments: 6K


Total weight: 91 gsm

Fibres orientation: UD

Warp Carbon : 69 gsm - 1.6 ends/cm

Weft Polyester : 15 gsm - 1.8 ends/cm

Pattern: Plain

Additionnal Treatment(s): Fixed Thread

Transformation Process

  • Infusion
  • Prepreg
  • RTM


Width(s): 6 cm Other widths upon request - max 50 cm

Roll Length: 100 ml


  • Epoxy binder powdering: Powdering an epoxy binder will enhance products stability during cutting and preforming operations. The choice of a binder depends on the matrix compatibility and process conditions. Powdering weight ranges from 5 to 30g/m² and can be adapted to customer requirements (single side, double side) and product constructions.
  • Veil and web: Various Veil (PES, Glass,…) or thin Web (CoPa,…) can be heat set or stitched for Stability, Aspect or Preforming purposes.
  • Slitting services: Online slitting capabilities as narrow as 14 cm (5.5’’).


  • Narrow tapes.
  • Excellent fiber alignment.
  • Good stability without frayed edges.
  • Less crimped with good mechanical properties at 0°.
  • Provides rigidity to parts.
  • Ideal for infusion processes and adaptations.