COREGLASS™ 750/CG3/750


COREGLASS™ 750/CG3/750 is a reinforcement comprising a non-woven synthetic/glass 360 gsm core and two 750 gsm glass mats stitched one on each side of the core.

It is used in closed-mold processes.

COREGLASS™ is produced only in our US plant.



Product Line


Material(s): Glass


Total weight: 1870 gsm

Fibres orientation: Anisotropic

CSM1 Weight: 750 gsm

CSM2 Weight: 750 gsm

Core Weight: 360 gsm


Assembly: Stitching Tricot Synthetic

Transformation Process

  • RTM Light


Width(s): 125 cm

Roll Length: 40 ml


  • 20-25% increase in mechanical resistance (flexing).
  • Increases glass content of the laminate.
  • Dry product with a greater compression resistance.
  • COREGLASS™ is particularly well-adapted to injection processes and infusion under flexible reusable membranes (i.e. CCBM).Due to its good behaviour under pressure.
  • High level of pre-formability.