G-TAPE ST BT120/360F


G-TAPE ST BT120/360F is a stitched fiberglass tape using a continuous weft, with a total weight of 505 gsm. It is an unbalanced tape with a weft weight of 360 gsm and a warp weight of 145 gsm. Its weft is fixed for a better fibers holding.

Product Line


Material(s): Glass


Total weight: 505 gsm

Fibres orientation: UD

Warp Glass : 4 ends/cm - 600 tex

Warp fixation : 4 ends/cm

Weft Glass : 2 ends/cm - 1200 tex

Pattern: Special

Additionnal Treatment(s): Fixed Thread

Additionnal Treatment Weight: 15 gsm


Assembly: Stitching Chain Synthetic 5mm

Transformation Process

  • Hot Press
  • Pultrusion


Width(s): 120 mm

Roll Length: 200 ml


  • Various Veil (PES, Glass,…) or thin Web (CoPa,…) can be heat set or stitched for Stability, Aspect or Preforming purposes.


  • Width can be adapted to your needs.
  • Easy to manipulate, no edge fraying.
  • Specially adapted to UD warp.
  • Possibility to add fixation for a better handling and higher mechanical resistance.
  • Easy to mix different fibers (carbon, glass, aramid, flax or basalt).