ROVICORE™ FR 450/D3/450


ROVICORE™ FR 450/D3/450 is a reinforcement comprising a non-woven synthetic 180 gsm core and two 450 glass mats stitched one on each side of the core.
The special ROVICORE™ FR core, combined with suitable resins, provides fire-resistant properties for use in sectors such as construction and transport.

Product Line


Material(s): Glass


Total weight: 1090 gsm

Fibres orientation: Anisotropic

CSM1 Weight: 450 gsm

CSM2 Weight: 450 gsm

Core Weight: 180 gsm


Assembly: Stitching Tricot Synthetic

Transformation Process

  • RTM Light


Width(s): 125 cm

Roll Length: 50 ml


The changes made to the ROVICORE™ FR core do not alter its properties in any way, preserving all the advantages from the ROVICORE™ range:

  • Good levels of conformability and elongation allow for the manufacture of complex shaped elements. This is not the case with some products made from 100% glass.
  • Resilience and compressibility of the core allowing for ROVICORE™ FR to adapt to the different thicknesses of composite parts.
  • Excellent permeability of the synthetic core facilitates rapid flow even in the case of a heavily filled resin: no filtering of loads and homogeneity throughout the entire reinforcement.

All these advantages mean gains not only in terms of time but also in terms of cost.
The main purpose of ROVICORE™ FR lies mainly in its behavior in response to fire which contributes to the possible granting of the HL3 rating in accordance with the new NF EN 45 545 standard.