Adhesive Solutions

Chomarat offers 2 solutions to help the lay-up of reinforcement in closed mould processes.

1- FX : facilitator of reinforcement positioning

FX is an adhesive solution which enables the positioning of Chomarat glass reinforcement products.

FX is a key function to ease the production of large parts with complex geometries in closed mould processes. It is well suited for markets like marine and transportation.

FX benefits are numerous:

  • FX is a facilitator of reinforcement positioning and ease lay-up of vertical sections.
  • Consistent quality:
    • FX offers weight regularity, the risk of delamination is controlled versus spray as too much glue can affect the laminate.
    • mechanical performance (Interlaminar Shear Strength) is optimal.
    • Lay-up quality is improved.
  • Environmental friendly:
    • FX emits no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) so it contributes to better working conditions in user facilities.
  • Time and cost saving:
    • FX facilitates the lay-up of parts, saving time and reducing the manufacturing costs.

The FX solution is available on CHOMARAT’s ranges of fabrics, multiaxials and core materials: G-WEAVE, G-PLY™, ROVICORE™,  ROVICORE™ FR, ROVICORE™ PLY, ROVICORE™ S.ASPECT, ROVIFLOW™ et ROVIMAT™.

The adhesive can be placed on a single side or both.

2- Easytape & Easytape²

Easytape is a range of glass tapes coated on one or both sides.

Easytape maintains reinforcement into the mold and is specially adapted for large parts and complex/vertical geometries e.g. for wind mill blades or in the marine market.


  • Easytape can be placed in specific zones.
  • No solvent emissions when laying.
  • Compatible with UP, EP and VE.

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